Excellent performance depends on nutrition. Cornexi’s dietician provides guidance for us to consider in a two-part blogpost about how to establish a healthier diet.

“If we want a child to perform well at school or an adult at work, the first thing to consider is the diet” explains Krisztina Kleiber.

We all need proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and trace elements: our protein, carbohydrate and fat requirement is 10-30%, 45-65% and 25-35% of the daily calorie intake, respectively.

“Half of the daily amount of protein should be of plant origin (oilseeds, dried leguminous vegetables), and the other half should be derived from animals (meats, fish, eggs and milk products). Fats are also important since, in addition to providing energy, vitamins are absorbed in them. Vegetable oils and saltwater fish are essential for the functioning of the body” says Cornexi’s dietician.

Our nutrition is based on cereals. The pasta we have for lunch or the bread should contain wholegrain cereals instead of white flour. Muesli and oatmeal are also excellent sources of fibre. Eating oat flakes for breakfast, which contain vitamin E and B and minerals, will provide energy for our brain until noon.

Staying hydrated is also extremely important: the daily fluid requirement for young schoolchildren is 1.6-2 litres, and over the age of 14 around 2-2.5 litres, which can be water, or fruit tea or green tea without added sugar.

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