The Cornexi Filled Oaty Roll won the “Inno d’Or – Innovation of the Year 2022” award in the Food category.

Last year Trade magazine first organised the competition with the goal of rewarding innovations year by year that create added value and satisfy identifiable customer and consumer needs, fit into existing trends or are the results of developments inspired by actual, identifiable demands. The products entered the market between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2021, and represent distinctive novelties in their own category. The Filled Oaty Roll of Cornexi Food won this year’s “Inno d’Or – Innovation of the Year” award in the Food category.

Innovation trends

The professional panel assessed the presented competition entries using four evaluation criteria (innovation, trends, market advantage and uniqueness). Sensory evaluation was also performed in the case of products where it was possible. The products, both manufacturer and private label brands, competed in the Food, Drink, Household Products, Services, Technology, Beauty Products and Packaging main categories. As regards their target groups, some of them were B2B products and there were B2C entries too.

The Filled Oaty Roll

Being an excellent source of energy is one of the most important properties of oatmeal. This makes it very popular among athletes, mothers with small children and consumers with strong health awareness. The Cornexi Filled Oaty Roll does not need cooling, so you can take it anywhere with you. Only its cocoa coating is sensitive to high temperatures and might melt. So try to avoid exposing it to intense heat, such as 35 °C in the summer.

The rolls are available with strawberry, raspberry, apricot, chocolate and savoury caramel fillings to fit the tastes of both kids and adults.

In line with Cornexi’s efforts towards health awareness, the product is available without added sugar with strawberry and apricot flavour, and the cranberry version is now also available for purchase at Aldi.

Oaty rolls are soft and creamy, compared to the oatmeal bars, and the fruity versions are made without milk. They may contain only traces of milk because they are produced in a plant also processing milk powder.

The XXL version is soon to come.

Cornexi Food Kft.

Cornexi Food Kft. delivers, with its own development team, innovative solutions, and not only to the local market. Health is an asset that can be maintained and we should protect it. The love for nature, the respect for traditions and the quality of domestic cereals are Cornexi’s inseparable partners in creation.

All people, young and old can find their personal favourite in the product range, made of high-quality ingredients, of the Hungarian-owned Cornexi Food Kft. Due to their efforts in health awareness, their range also includes products without added sugar. They offer oaty rolls, muesli and oatmeal bars, instant oatmeal porridges, oatmeal with protein, extruded morning cereal flakes and milk or water flavouring straws with vitamins.

They perform research to continuously improve their products in order to meet the requirements of a harmonious, well-balanced and healthy diet. Cornexi’s products are not only delicious and nourishing, but they also help you kick off, or simply continue your day. Before or after a workout, at work or school, or on your way – Cornexi bars are the best choice for a quick snack anytime, anywhere.

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