A sample meal plan for school children and adults. Because of the countless enquiries we received after the previous blogpost written by Cornexi’s dietician about how to establish a healthier diet, now she has put together a 7-day sample meal plan so that you can start the autumn bursting with energy.
  • Day 1 Breakfast: bran roll, butter, low-fat ham or cheese, sweet pepper Mid-morning snack: fruit salad Lunch: brown rice, 1 palm size portion of meat, 1 portion of steamed vegetables or pickles Afternoon snack: Cornexi bar Dinner: wholewheat pasta with tuna and tomato
  • Day 2 Breakfast: cocoa milk bread, butter, milk Mid-morning snack: pear Lunch: tomato soup, braised pork chop, boiled potato, salad Afternoon snack: Cornexi bar Dinner: fried egg, wholegrain zwieback
  • Day 3 Breakfast: fruit yogurt, rye bread, butter, pressed ham, radish Mid-morning snack: plum Lunch: bone broth with noodles, broiled chicken, peas with kohlrabi Afternoon snack: biscuits with fibre, butter Dinner: brown bread, sliced ham, cucumber, grated carrot, low-fat cheese
  • Day 4 Breakfast: Cornexi oatmeal porridge Mid-morning snack: kiwifruit Lunch: sour cherry soup, broiled chicken liver, potato, cabbage salad Afternoon snack: fruit and vegetable juice, walnut Dinner: apple & cheese salad, rye bread
  • Day 5 Breakfast: brown bread, eggplant dip, low-fat cheese, tomato Mid-morning snack: peach Lunch: mushroom soup, grilled chicken, spinach vegetable dish Afternoon snack: Cornexi bar Dinner: Vienna sausage salad, rye bread
  • Day 6 Breakfast: Cornexi oatmeal porridge Mid-morning snack: grapes Lunch: vegetable soup, broiled hake, mashed potatoes Afternoon snack: almond, apple Dinner: cauliflower casserole
  • Day 7 Breakfast: milk, bran crescent roll, ham, cheese, bell pepper Mid-morning snack: banana Lunch: egg soup, cooked rice, braised beef steak, mixed vegetables or salad Afternoon snack: apple Dinner: rye bread, liptauer, tomato

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