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Milk flavored straws MILKY SIP

Lactose-free - Gluten-free - Vegetarians can also eat it

 Thanks to the special straws designed without moving parts, no solid particles can enter the mouth, so they are completely safe to consume.

  • In the case of the environmentally conscious Milky Sip straws, the product's natural raw material is decomposed and returned to nature.


  1. Pour a glass (2-3 dl) of milk!
  2. Remove the packaging covering the straw.
  3. Put the straw in the glass and enjoy the great flavors!

Consumption under the age of 3 is recommended under parental supervision! It can also be consumed with vegetable milk.

Vanilla Milky Sip

Chocolate Milky Sip

Banana Milky Sip

Strawberry Milky Sip

Forest fruit Milky Sip

Biscuit Milky Sip

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